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Creative models. Quality materials. With customer care.

We offer high quality fur coats on the Bulgarian market for more than 25 years. Here you can find coats made of fur from America, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. Some of the furs we offer are minks, fox, sable "soboly" chinchilla and lynx.

As manufacturers we provide the highest quality of both materials and of the make.
Due to our extensive experience we can create a unique coat according to your size and design.
In our store you can choose a suitable leather accessory from the wide range that we offer.
Come and see our men's and women's collection of leather coats. It will be our honor and pleasure to welcome you in our store.

We love what we do

As a manufacturer of fur coats, we can choose the best quality materials. Our team of experts take care of that, you get the best product on the market.

For us it is important not only quality but also the modern and stylish look. Our designers can create a model that is unique to you.

We offer

The services we offer our customers

  • Quality leather


    We select the best leather from America, Canada, Russia and Scandinavia.

  • Models

    Unique models of coats and accessories

    You can choose from a huge variety of designs and colors. If you want we can create a unique model for you.

  • Services

    Caring for your coats

    We can help in the maintenance and storage of your fur coats.

What we Offer

Fur coats high quality
Fur bodices tops
Fur accessories
special selection

About Us

In 1991 we thought it was time to introduce something very good for the Bulgarian market.